Prelude to War

“Contact Front!”

This is the battle cry of the modern warrior. These few words have precipitated lethal warriors, those we call heroes, born in the battle cry, both readied and willing to fulfill the supreme realization of humankind’s better angels. They have braved the molten roar of fiery seas, the choking, smoke-filled skies, and the sulfuric ashes of burning valleys, along with the unimaginably woeful acts of human atrocity and necessary savagery that defined the bloody contests between their tribes. Guided as they were, by moral sense, the fear of oblivion, or the direction of other great men, these warriors were directed to inflict the combined wills of men and nations, carrying their guidons onward to innumerable displays of gallantry, terror, and brotherhood in untold engagements between adversaries and embittered warfighters on all lands thus governed by men, their call to arms and the cries of their guns serving as this drumbeats in the endless march of men of war. Be it ever mercifully short, or echoed throughout the ages, those who hear the cry of wars, be they now, long ago or in battles yet to come, are changed men and women, completely and forever.

In 2026, and under the shroud of unfamiliar lands, that cry was sounded by one Nathaniel Romero. In the early morning light above a forest far from home, he and his fellow Marines, those who had not yet been inducted into that ancient fraternity of blooded veterans, were called to embrace their purpose. There, he was baptized in the fires of battle as none before had in the history American warfare. They were the firstborn warriors of a new era of war.

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